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Three small way for Home Furnishing by old change new

From:Dongguan Yangjia Organic Glass Co. Ltd Date:2015-1-27 11:49:27 Author:admin Hits:2070

After the family home accessories for a period of time, good quality fine quality a little bit worse will let a person look at a the old feeling, that this time, the condition in the home is better would be to buy new home decoration, and the condition in the home is a few will think of some way to improve it, and re paint is undoubtedly the decoration method people first thought, but Xiaobian remind you is that not all home ornaments are suitable for re painting here, then how to do?

In general in addition to re paint we first thought of this way, Xiaobian collected here are some tips in life, for example, use left to drink the milk wipes furniture accessories, it can not only play the role of removing dirt, can play to brighten furniture gloss. If your home is wooden furniture, Xiaobian recommended here you can use vinegar water, herbal tea to wipe, also can play a certain role.

In addition to the above several methods to Xiaobian said it, in fact there are many, the key is to explore their own, today Xiaobian see small method on how to remove the refrigerator scratches, said to be able to use nail polish in the scratch in addition to repeat daub, can remove column cross what thin and pale, you heard before. This method, Xiaobian also heard for the first time, so these methods are all we need in life slowly to explore.

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